Health insurance for seniors


This simply refers to a health insurance policy that is purposely designed to cover for the needs of people whether couples or singles above the age of 50 or at the age of retirement. This ensures that your mind is at ease since they provide cover for the basic aging conditions without depending on public system. In order to get the maximum benefit from your senior health insurance policy, you must select the insurance cover that currently matches your requirements and also in the future.

Costs of health insurance for seniors

The cost of this insurance is dependent whether you select Hospital & Extras, Extras Only policy or the Hospital cover. The health insurance for seniors is basically cheaper as compared to the couples or families policies for people practicing family planning due to the fact that you are not paying for various benefits like obstetrics and pregnancy cover.

Things covered by health insurance for seniors

Just like the other health insurance policies, it may include Hospital & Extras, Extras Only policy or the Hospital cover depending on the type of policy that you choose. A health insurance for seniors that has a good value should also provide cover to all common health conditions that normally affect the seniors. Some of these health conditions are commonly not covered under the standard insurance policy for the younger people.
Additionally, ensure that you confirm the things covered by the policies before purchasing it, by going through the product disclosure statement and making inquiries about the coverage from the insurer.

Choices available for senior health insurance

With the increasing healthcare cost, seniors may need more than one plan to provide them with medical coverage that they require. The available choices of health insurance for seniors include:
• Medicaid
This is a governmental medical insurance program that covers seniors with low incomes. It is mostly used in affiliation with the Medicare insurance plan. It provides coverage to the people in need for particular medical services or the prescriptions that the Medicare plan may not cover.
• Medicare
This is the most popular health insurance plan for seniors. It is a governmental medical insurance program for the people above the age of 65 years. This insurance plan additionally covers the younger persons with severe health conditions or living with disabilities.

• Medicare supplemental insurance
Also referred to as Medigap, this type of medical insurance plan provides the coverage for things that the Medicare insurance plan does not cover. This coverage helps you to cover for the excess costs like the costs of co- insurance for any stay in the nursing facility or hospital.
• Private health insurance
This can be combined with Medicare when searching for medical insurance of elderly parents and cost is not a factor so as to ensure that they have enough coverage since Medicare have some limitations.


Seniors are very prone to injuries and diseases and it is therefore important that they at least acquire one of these medical insurance policies.

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