Dental coverage under Medicare


Dental insurance helps to provide coverage for the regular dental care matters. The Medicare insurance plan does not provide coverage to most of the dental care, procedures or even supplies such as tooth extractions, fillings, dental plates, dentures or any other dental accessories. The hospital insurance Medicare plan (part A) pays for particular dental services that you receive while at the hospital. This insurance plan can also pay for the inpatient hospital care if it is an emergency or complex procedure, even if dental care is not covered. For instance, this plan may cover for extraction of tooth in radiation treatment preparation on the jaw of the patient. It will not, however, pay for the dental treatment that will follow once the main condition is cured.

Seniors and Dental health

Seniors tend to neglect their dental health as they grow older, specifically due to some conditions such as arthritis that make flossing or brushing difficult. This therefore increases their risk of being affected by various dental problems such as tooth loss, cavities, root decay, tooth sensitivity and gum disease.
Dental health is associated with the general health and should therefore be frequently maintained by flossing and brushing daily together with regular dental exams. Additionally, there are certain conditions like cancer and diabetes that are mostly discovered by the dentists for the first time.
Acquiring the Medicare dental insurance coverage
Since the original Medicare dental coverage; consists of both the part A & B; tend to have limitations, you have to generally settle the total cost for most dental health services from your own finances.
The dental clinics in most of the states provide the dental care free of charge or even at a reduced amount of money. You can confirm with the local Medicaid office or hospital whether there exists one nearby.
You can also receive the dental coverage insurance through private Medicare insurance Advantage plan. All these type of Advantage plans must at least offer similar coverage level as the part A & part B and can provide some extra benefits such as dental coverage. Additionally, some plans enable you to include dental coverage that is optional for an extra premium.


The Medicare Advantage insurance plans differ depending on the type of coverage that they provide. Most of them cover the common preventive services like filings, x-rays, cleanings, oral exams and other main dental services like oral surgery, crowns and extensions. All types of dental services can cost a lot of money if you were to pay with your own money.
It is therefore advisable that you look at the particular Medicare advantage insurance plan so as to determine the supplies and the dental services that are included.

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